Durable, Reliable
Wireless Slammers
With a 100 ft. Range!
(Semi-Wireless Systems
Also Available)
Scoreboard software that automates everything -
timers, ring-in spotting,
and scoring with detailed spreadsheet statisics.
for IHSA/IESA Scholastic Bowl *
Join the growing list of Illinois Scholastic Bowl coaches who have switched their academic team over to Slam-In's Scholastic Bowl buzzers.  Why have they switched?  One reason is our excellent customer service.  Another is that our buzzers are so durable they come with a 5 year warranty - plus a money-back guarantee that you won't ever experience any wireless interference from other devices.  Our buzzer systems really last!

Call us today and start saving money on buzzer system repairs because with Slam-In, there won't be any!
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This is the IHSA/IESA Scholastic Bowl Buzzer System you've been waiting for!  Slam-In is the ring-in system that understands and enforces your rules.  It plays Toss-Ups as well as Rebounding, multi-part Bonuses while automating everything for the moderator:

      • Wireless (or semi-wireless) ring-in with no resetting between questions
      • "Spotting" using built-in team recognition with customizable WAV sounds
      • Automatic scorekeeping with instant spreadsheet results after a match
      • It even works over the Web, so you can scrimmage without traveling!

With Slam-In, a single moderator can facilitate an entire "Scholar Bowl" or "Scobol" match - managing the match timer, operating the ring in system, keeping score, and producing detailed scholastic team and player statistics as soon as your match ends - without needing a small army of support staff to make it happen!  You'll need far fewer volunteers to run your academic competition - if you use Slam-In.

And it's so easy to use.  Just click on buttons for "Play", "Right", or "Wrong", and our Slam-In "lock-out system" does all the rest.  But don't just take our word for it - here's a testimonial from Al Church, the Scholastic Bowl Coach for Teutopolis High School, who switched from a traditional lockout system or "light system" to Slam-In:
"I am thrilled with my new Slam-In system!"
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* There are also custom versions of Slam-In for KAAC Quick Recall (Kentucky), Commissioner's Academic Challenge (for Florida "A Teams" and "E Teams"), and Academic Bowl (Oklahoma).  These versions - plus a generic version of Slam-In that understands early ring-in penalties and bonuses - can be adapted to support other standard formats such as NAQT, Brain Brawl, and Quiz Bowl, just to name a few.

Call us for details on how we can support your favorite academic competition format.